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Are you considering coaching? Here’s something to think about:

· LGBTQ identities are not mental health deficits, and do not need to be treated as such

· Gender & sexual minority groups are the target of societal oppression, misinformation, prejudice, and historically harmful practices.

Consider this:

· Find someone who has been educated in empirically studied practices

· Be sure they are affirming, and qualified

How is Coach Lor uniquely qualified?

Lor has a background in education and psychology, as well as coaching credentials, which makes them well versed in how the brain learns and how personality and gender/sexuality are shaped. However, what makes Lor stand out is their own life experience with coming out later in life and learning how to handle. As a coach, Lor can share their experience and relate to what you’re experiencing.

Many practitioners have not taken the time to truly understand the unique experiences of the queer community. Lor not only has taken the time to further their education and achieve a Masters of Psychology, collect coaching credentials, but has also dedicated part of their time to giving free support groups and discounted coaching to those in the community in need.

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