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Later in Life Lesbian

Yes, I came out in my mid thirties. It’s a long story, but an adventure you will listen to on my podcast soon. To give you an idea, I was married to a man and now I’m married to a wonderful women. I was born into the gender role of a women, but I am non-binary.

These life journeys, among others defining events, could have broken me. Instead, they strengthened me. I continue to live with compassion and courage, as my authentic self now.

I now have a life aligned with my values, and my identity. It is unbelievably good!

While living life aligned, I was able to notice and attract to me opportunities to fulfill my dreams. I now have a wife, Dana, who is an amazing person and shares my love of helping others, art, learning, and having fun.

We have two children, who are the smartest and kindest people I know. We also have two sweet dogs in our home in northwestern NJ.

I feel I can truly connect to my clients struggles, as I know what it is like to struggle to try and fit into the standards of others, and not be able to. I know what it is like to break out of that too.

I want my clients to feel happy with their life too!

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Mx. Lori Sweetman (They/She/Lor) is owner and director of Include LGBTQ Empowered Education and Consulting LLC and through there provides Queer Holistic Coaching to those desiring to achieve a more fulfilling life. They will use motivational inquiry and a carefully crafted positive psychology based coaching plan for their client to build the confidence to live fearlessly, authentically, and truthfully, as their best self.

Lor graduated with a 4.0 GPA, achieving their MA in Psychology, specializing in gender and sexual fluidity. Lor has conducted research on gender and sexual fluidity at the intersections of special education, art for identity formation, social psychology, and positive psychology. A more detailed bio can be found here.

Additionally, Lor is a nominee for the Russ Berrie Making a Difference award, and is a member of the APA special interest group in gender and sexuality. Lor voluntarily holds support groups for LGBTQ+ adults and teens in person in Warren County, NJ. You can listen to Lori speak on various podcasts as well. 

When Lori isn’t with family and pets, they are looking for opportunities to advocate for the LGBTQ+ communities, working on their book, hugging a tree with their kids, or creating art.

Education & Credentials

  • Master of Psychology, specializing in gender and sexual fluidity
  • International Coaching Federation Credentials
  • Certified Educator

Other Credentials

  • Crisis Intervention Certification
  • Published Public Speaker
  • National Society of Leadership and Success Member
  • American Psychological Association Member

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lori worked with our child to help them find themself through a 5 month coaching plan. There were so many positive changes made by him during the time. From, finding a new supportive friend group, to expressing themself in the way they dressed and speaking up for themself in school and many other situations.
He’s happier and has less anxiety as well.
Our family has always been very supportive but through the coaching we’ve become even closer.
I highly recommend Lori, she/they are caring, kind, and awonderful influence and source of immense information!

Denise (Facebook Review)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lori is fantastic! She is experienced and it shows. She is skilled in creating a safe and supportive environment. I highly recommend her!

Jaime (Facebook Review)

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