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Coaching, is it Better Than Therapy?

I was honored to be invited onto the Radiant Coaches podcast to discuss how I got into coaching. The host Ali Hendry was so easy to talk to, and was a willing to experience a live coaching session so you all could hear what it means to be coached. Many people wonder, why would I …

Interview with Jim Masters of Close Up Radio

It is always a pleasure to speak more in depth with someone. Jim Masters curiously explores what it means to support someone through gender and sexuality coaching. Listen in to learn more about Lori and how they got to where they are. “If you wish to live authentically and remove all these harmful mental blocks, …

Forming your EMPOWERED Sexual Identity

“Coming In” An empowered identity reconciles all aspects of who a person is. This is including culture, gender, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, political aspects, social connections, character traits, and so forth. Coming out lets others know who you are, and presents yourself to the world as you. Yes, this can be a great feeling when …

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