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Coaching, is it Better Than Therapy?

I was honored to be invited onto the Radiant Coaches podcast to discuss how I got into coaching. The host Ali Hendry was so easy to talk to, and was a willing to experience a live coaching session so you all could hear what it means to be coached. Many people wonder, why would I …

Listen to Coach Lor at Walden University’s Pride Panel!

About the Speakers Mx. Lori Sweetman (They/She/Lor) is the owner and director of Include LGBTQ Empowered Education and ConsultingLLC., and provides queer holistic coaching to those desiring to achieve a more fulfilling life. As a non-binary lesbian who came out later in life, Lori can truly connect with their clients and develop a safe space …

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Motherhood after Coming out and Divorce

“You thought you knew yourself.. but you didn’t” – the theme of 2018-2020 for me. Listen to this podcast episode as I highlight the emotions felt and things I learned on my journey of “who am I”. Discover how I told my children about our divorce and hear how I explain various aspects of identity. …

Interview with Jim Masters of Close Up Radio

It is always a pleasure to speak more in depth with someone. Jim Masters curiously explores what it means to support someone through gender and sexuality coaching. Listen in to learn more about Lori and how they got to where they are. “If you wish to live authentically and remove all these harmful mental blocks, …

“Compassion”; what I value most.

On the “What’s the Value?” Podcast, hosted by Terry McMullen, I explore the role compassion has in healing & resiliency. I not only explain compassion, but also explore some of the harder stuff that could use self- compassion just to get through. If you’ve listened to the episode, and want to share your thoughts or …

Feature on “Fat Chicks on Top”

What a great experience to be able to share my story with Auntie Vice! Listen here, like their site and share with me anything that resonated with you. I’d love to hear from you! E-mail me: coachlori@includelgbtq.com

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