Forming your EMPOWERED Sexual Identity

“Coming In”

An empowered identity reconciles all aspects of who a person is. This is including culture, gender, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, political aspects, social connections, character traits, and so forth. Coming out lets others know who you are, and presents yourself to the world as you. Yes, this can be a great feeling when you’re safe and able to be you! However, “coming in”, becoming self-aware and accepting of ones own sexual identity, is arguably the most empowering awakening someone can experience.

What Can I Do?

One simple option is to take advantage of the various support groups and community events in your area. If you live in Warren County, NJ or near it, I host support groups and social outings! Visit my events page! Being around others who have gone through your experiences and can relate, or being around others who are similar to you, can be a very affirming experience and help you love yourself more fully.

Find ways to love who you are and drown out the negative self talk. There are many techniques to do this, some of which can be found with simple google searches for “self-care” and “positive affirmations”. If you find yourself depressed, sad, anxious, and telling yourself you’re not worthy of love frequently, please see a therapist. Check out my resources page and PFLAG has a great support lines list as well. The Trevor project hotline is especially helpful for youth to young adults, they give in depth training to volunteers who are loving and supportive.

How Coaching Helps your “Awakening”

Coaching can combine education, motivation, and introspective work to push through any walls blocking you from moving forward with your goals.

If you are looking to learn more about yourself, understand your sexuality better, and/or go through a life change that will bring about more happiness for yourself, then coaching can help.

Coaching can:

  • Help you map your relationship with social aspects and expressive aspects of the masculine, feminine, and non-binary
  • Create a road map to your relationship with sexuality: connection with intimacy, love versus friendship, the erotic, or reasons for any discomfort
  • Envision a plan to achieve life happiness- what does that look like to you and how could you get there?
  • Coming out in a unfulfilling marriage or relationships, or staying in them while holding space for your needs
  • Nourish and restore love for yourself, your new identity, and align life with your needs- all aspects of self care
  • Be a safe space to explore aspects of yourself you have yet to speak aloud, and find other resources to help you connect with your life goals
  • Hold you accountable to moving forward, and analyze what characteristics about yourself are holding you back
  • Build up your strengths so you can achieve your desires in life, and continue to grow even after coaching ends
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About Mx. Lori Sweetman, MA, CLC

Mx. Lori Sweetman is director of Include LGBTQ Empowered Life Coaching and Consulting, and an expert and advocate for the LGBTQ community. Lori devotes their life to helping people feel empowered in their gender and sexuality, and thereby confident in living as their authentic self, freely and openly. People who reach out for life coaching with Lori may be feeling disconnected with who they are, confused or overwhelmed with what to do once they've realized their life is not aligned with their relationship, gender, or sexual orientation. People who have gone through coaching with Lori come out feeling happier and more fulfilled, sexually empowered, have improved their relationships and lessened their anxiety. As a non-binary, polyamorous lesbian who came out later in life and is now living openly and freely, Lori can truly connect with their clients and develop the safe space to support them in discovering what it is they want in this one life they get to live. Include LGBTQ is primarily a coaching organization, working with families and individuals to feel empowered in their gender and sexuality, overcome life obstacles, and craft a happy life as their authentic self. Lori will cater to the LGBTQ+ community, and their families. Include LGBTQ works with teens and their parents or adults seeking support reaching their goals and improving their overall happiness. Lori will provides educational workshops, training, and speak on inclusivity and LGBTQ+ topics for podcasts, organizations, and corporate leaders.

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