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Interview with Jim Masters of Close Up Radio

It is always a pleasure to speak more in depth with someone. Jim Masters curiously explores what it means to support someone through gender and sexuality coaching. Listen in to learn more about Lori and how they got to where they are.

“If you wish to live authentically and remove all these harmful mental blocks, we need to embrace our struggles to find ourselves and our sense of self- worth. Know that many people are going through the same struggles and we are not alone. From this perspective, we can move forward and follow our ambitions and goals. I am here to not only support you in your journey but help you positively thrive.”

“Growing up it was extremely difficult for me to admit I am a lesbian without feeling shrouded in shame because I heard people using the word homo and gay in a very negative way. Now I help my clients communicate and express themselves by exploring their identities optimistically and to love who they are because there is no shame in being sexually fluid or gender diverse, but it is something to be celebrated.”

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