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Life life fearless.

This is the road to being your best self, experiencing life as you want it.


Does this sound like you?

  • You want to increase your confidence and happiness in life, but since coming out that’s been difficult?
  • You desire help with boundaries in your sexual and romantic relationships.
  • You aren’t sure if you are gay or trans.
  • You are told you are “just a woman”, or “not man enough”, and it is hindering your happiness.
  • It is hard to find relationships that are satisfying.
  • It hard to find someone who meets your intimacy needs, or relationship orientation.
  • You want guidance on communicating your sexual or intimacy needs.

Coaching Creates Transformational Change

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Coaching is Your Pace, Your Way

Life coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client that moves the client forward to become the best version of themselves through the application of motivation, accountability, planning, troubleshooting and support.

The main focus remains on flourishing, and creating the future you want. Coaching is client led, and the topics and issues the client brings to the conversation sets the context as coaching or therapy.

Short time, Big Impact

You may be asked to take a overall life assessment and identity survey. This looks at where you are doing well, and where you can improve, and gives Coach Lor background information on your needs.

Then we will talk! Through impactful questioning, you may become introspective. There are strategies we use to grow your emotional intelligence so you can move past what is blocking you from living an authentic, fulfilling life. Coaching will help motivate you to learn more about yourself so you can grow!

Things we may try are rooted in positive psychology, the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) standards, and have a holistic approach. This means it looks at your whole life to see how all areas interact.

Most clients report coaching to have improved these 3 areas the most:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased self-esteem / self-confidence
  • Increased productivity


  • One Coaching Session is not an immediate change.
  • The ICF recommends 3-6 months of coaching to feel significant effects.
Coaching vs Therapy

Isn’t this just like therapy?

No! This is not therapy.

Therapy is focused on bringing people from suffering to baseline. Therapy deals more with behavioral or emotional problems, disruptive situations and works to bring clients towards normal function by healing disfunction.

The way Coach Lori approaches sessions is with positive psychology ideals and holistic client-centered coaching.

This means Lor uses motivational questions and emotional intelligence based activities that can help people connect with and achieve positive emotions, meaningful relationships, strengths, engagement, and purpose.

With coaching, you’re in control of your life, your destiny, your decisions, your future. As you continue on, your coach accompanies you, assisting you on your journey to reach your destination.

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