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About the Speakers

Mx. Lori Sweetman (They/She/Lor) is the owner and director of Include LGBTQ Empowered Education and Consulting
LLC., and provides queer holistic coaching to those desiring to achieve a more fulfilling life. As a non-binary lesbian who came out later in life, Lori can truly connect with their clients and develop a safe space to support them in their life goals. Lori’s professional accreditation and certifications include a Master of Psychology, specializing in gender and sexual fluidity, International Coaching Federation Credentials, Certified Educator, Crisis Intervention Certification, and is a Published Public Speaker. Lor has conducted research on gender and sexual fluidity at the intersections of special education, art for identity formation, social psychology, and positive psychology. Additionally, Lor is a nominee for the Russ Berrie Making a Difference award, and is a member of the APA special interest group in gender and sexuality. Lor voluntarily holds support groups for LGBTQ+ adults and teens in person in Warren County, NJ. You can listen to Lori speak on various podcasts

Emma Jackson Smith (she/her) is a licensed professional counselor in private practice and President of Unicorn Health Care, LLC. She serves clients living in DC, Maryland, Virginia and Texas. In her clinical work, Emma provides individual, couples and group therapy, supervision and consultation with special emphasis on sexual trauma, sexual intimacy and LGBTQ+ related issues. She works from an existential-feminist and trauma-informed lens and has a long history of supporting the queer, trans and nonbinary communities. Emma is a sought-after presenter on clinical issues related to interpersonal/relational trauma, and working with sexually and gender diverse clients. Emma is a 2013 graduate of Walden University’s Masters in Mental Health Counseling program and is a current doctoral candidate in the Counselor Education and Supervision program.

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About Mx. Lori Sweetman, MA, CLC

Mx. Lori Sweetman is director of Include LGBTQ Empowered Life Coaching and Consulting, and an expert and advocate for the LGBTQ community. Lori devotes their life to helping people feel empowered in their gender and sexuality, and thereby confident in living as their authentic self, freely and openly. People who reach out for life coaching with Lori may be feeling disconnected with who they are, confused or overwhelmed with what to do once they've realized their life is not aligned with their relationship, gender, or sexual orientation. People who have gone through coaching with Lori come out feeling happier and more fulfilled, sexually empowered, have improved their relationships and lessened their anxiety. As a non-binary, polyamorous lesbian who came out later in life and is now living openly and freely, Lori can truly connect with their clients and develop the safe space to support them in discovering what it is they want in this one life they get to live. Include LGBTQ is primarily a coaching organization, working with families and individuals to feel empowered in their gender and sexuality, overcome life obstacles, and craft a happy life as their authentic self. Lori will cater to the LGBTQ+ community, and their families. Include LGBTQ works with teens and their parents or adults seeking support reaching their goals and improving their overall happiness. Lori will provides educational workshops, training, and speak on inclusivity and LGBTQ+ topics for podcasts, organizations, and corporate leaders.
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