Parenting an LGBTQ Child

I know, it’s hard being a parent. I am a parent of two rainbow children (and one angel baby). The only thing in the world we want for our children is for everything to be okay. For them to thrive, live safely, be healthy, happy, and loved.

Well, I’ll let you in on a secret. If you’re reading this, if you are wanting this for your child, you are winning at parenting already. Let’s talk about it.

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

— Norton Juster

Your First Steps.

As a parent who has an inkling, or has had a child express themselves as on the gender or sexuality spectrum, there are a few initial steps you can take for your child.

  • Listen to what they express and say, without judgment. Soak it all in, holding space for them with love and heart.
  • Validate. This simply means acknowledge their feelings they expressed, and their hopes, without judgement.
  • Love. Show love for them, and let them know you’re ready to hear what they would like you to help with next.
  • Move forward, with support, together. What is next for your journey? Does your child need help with friends, or school? If they are old enough to express what they need help with then let them lead, and ask how you can help. If not, suggest ideas on what you can assist with or do for them, and see how they react.
  • Move at your child’s pace, and realize they may change their mind on the speed or how they are expressing their identity. Children spend most of their adolescence formulating their personality and identity, and take feedback from their environment. Remain supportive with it all and you will be helping their self-esteem along the way.

Want to talk about it? Need help with a plan? I’m here for you, loving parent!

Let me be your coach. With over 17 years of experience supporting children and educating, and personal experience to draw from, I am here for you.

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About Mx. Lori Sweetman, MA, CLC

Mx. Lori Sweetman is director of Include LGBTQ Empowered Life Coaching and Consulting, and an expert and advocate for the LGBTQ community. Lori devotes their life to helping people feel empowered in their gender and sexuality, and thereby confident in living as their authentic self, freely and openly. People who reach out for life coaching with Lori may be feeling disconnected with who they are, confused or overwhelmed with what to do once they've realized their life is not aligned with their relationship, gender, or sexual orientation. People who have gone through coaching with Lori come out feeling happier and more fulfilled, sexually empowered, have improved their relationships and lessened their anxiety. As a non-binary, polyamorous lesbian who came out later in life and is now living openly and freely, Lori can truly connect with their clients and develop the safe space to support them in discovering what it is they want in this one life they get to live. Include LGBTQ is primarily a coaching organization, working with families and individuals to feel empowered in their gender and sexuality, overcome life obstacles, and craft a happy life as their authentic self. Lori will cater to the LGBTQ+ community, and their families. Include LGBTQ works with teens and their parents or adults seeking support reaching their goals and improving their overall happiness. Lori will provides educational workshops, training, and speak on inclusivity and LGBTQ+ topics for podcasts, organizations, and corporate leaders.

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