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These Queer Secrets


The Queer Secrets Growth Circle is a customized holistic coaching program with education, 1:1 access to Coach Lor, and Group Coaching as part of the journey to a happier, healthier you.

You are a candidate for this intimate experience if you are someone seeking both personal development & coaching with the intimate support of a cohort sharing this experience with you.

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These Queer Secrets Growth Circle:

The Journey to a Happier, More Confident, You

Your First Queer Secret: Confidence

For those seeking a fresh start living confidently out and open! We will be led by pleasure, internalizing positive mindsets and radical self-love.

Split between mentorship, education, and group coaching, you’ll find you grow and bloom with your queer peers quickly!

Month 1: Foundations to Confidence

Month 2: Pleasure as a Guide

Month 3: Manifesting Radical Change

Month 4: Make Confidence a Habit

Month 5: Facing Homophobia and Transphobia

Month 6: Celebrating and Letting it Shine On

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When I spoke with you, I just felt like you would understand my kids in a way that no other therapists or counselors had in the past.

— D. C.

I felt safe opening up to you about things that no one else could understand.

— C.J.

Here’s What’s Included in the Full Experience:

Your Second Queer Secret: Authentic Love

Are you out of the closet, but in the messy middle still? This circle is the next step in living the life you’ve been moving toward. Let’s build radical self love, intimacy growth, and sexy time confidence!

Filled with mentorship, peer support, and holistic coaching with an expert, this group is just what you need!

Month 1: Level up your Authenticity

Month 2: Your Gifts

Month 3: Advocating for Your New Self

Month 4 Connections to the Greater Good

Month 5 Level up Relationships

Month 6: Sexy Time Confidence

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