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You are powerful, you are worthy of love, and you matter.

Let yourself see it too.


Queer Holistic Coaching

Life coaching is an appealing choice for those looking to solve their present challenges in life to improving their overall life happiness. Working one on one, the aim is to create a safe space to grow confident and self aware, as well as feel a real transformation in ones life. Issues that come up walking through life as a LGBTQ+ identifying individual is the primary focus for queer holistic coaching.

Coaching helps you become introspective, learn more about yourself, build skills and achieve happiness. Sign up to get started!

Group Coaching: Growth Circles

We’re better together! Working as a group, we feel validated in our journey and have safe people to learn from and vent to. We can also hold each other accountable! Group coaching, known as growth circles, includes education, resources, coaching individually within the group and by peers as well as Coach Lori.

Growth circles aim to uplift and support gender and sexual minority groups as well as those who love them in living a resilient, authentic, fulfilling, lives.

Training & Development

Unconscious bias training needs to help leaders act on their awareness of bias. Lori Sweetman is uniquely qualified to work with leadership on this opportunity for growth, and develop an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment for all.

What’s Included?

  • Direct Access to Expert Lori Sweetman during planning
  • Interactive activities
  • Four 90 minute workshops
  • Growth action planning sheets
  • Custom digital anti-bias journals (printed as add-on)
  • Self-assessments
  • Certificate of completion
  • Group coaching

Public Speaking

Lori Sweetman shares their expertise and experiences as a person who has come out later in life as a gender fluid lesbian. They also apply their experiences with their knowledge of positive psychology (the science of happiness) and how someone can find their authentic self, manage the stress of change and being a minority. Also, Lori can speak to a number of topics that intersect with gender, sexuality, relationships, and happiness. Training can be added on to public speaking events.

Let’s Get Started!

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